Daily Pass: $40.00 incl gst – Daily Admission is the cost of admission for 1 day of gaming weekly.
Price does not include rental equipment.

Rental Gun & Mask: $10.00 incl gst – Rental guns are full metal high quality G&G Brand M4 variants.
We have ansi z87.1+ rated paintball masks available for eye and face protection (included in this rate).

Rental Gun Ammo/ Valken Brand .20g (5000 rounds): $20.00 + gst (Our field BBs of choice are highly polished, high quality Valken Brand).
Please note, we do not allow the use of outside BBs in our rental guns.
Higher quantity bottles of BBs are available for purchase.

Paintball Mask Rentals $5.00 – Paintball mask: (ansi z87.1+ rated) eye and face protection available separately.

Corporate or Private Bookings
Please note, our field capacity is 80 players. To make a corporate or private booking a minimum of 10 players will be required. We will reply with a confirmation within 72 hours. Private bookings of 10 to 19 players will have their choice of half field to play for a maximum of 3 hours. Private bookings of 20+ players can book the entire field for a maximum of 3 hours.  Booking pricing is based on $10.00 per person per hour, and a 50% deposit is required based on the total number of people per booking. Bookings can be confirmed from 10am to 4pm Tuesday through Saturday and Sundays noon to 4pm.

Please note: Referees are on site from 4PM until close on Weekdays, and all day during the weekend. Private bookings during the weekday will have a referee available for their booking.

We carry a varied assortment of Coca-Cola products including No/Low Calorie Options.

We also have a variety of Chocolate Bars, Chips, Energy Bars, Pepperoni Sticks and Beef Jerky.

Force On Force is pleased to offer great savings from a couple of local businesses Domino’s Pizza, Papa Johns and Subway. Force On Force is pleased to offer 50% off pizza and subs from Subway ordered to our location. Our staff would be happy to submit your order for you while you play.