FOF Tacticals


Airsoft guns are replica firearms that are designed to closely resemble real firearms but shoot non-lethal plastic pellets. Airsoft is generally considered a safe recreational activity when played responsibly.

Police suggest treating a fake firearm the same as you would treat a real one, including using a carrying case when transporting it and locking it in a safe when not in use.
They also want people to understand that even private property can become public space. If a neighbour sees a person using a pellet gun in a backyard, for example, and phones the police, it can result in officers coming to the home and investigating, tying up police resources and putting both them and the gun owner in potential danger.

Replica Gun Safety Tips : 
• Don’t play with them in public places, including near parks, malls, or schools
•Use them only at designated areas like gun ranges or private land outside the city
• Never point them at another person
• When not in use, keep them out of sight and in a locked cabinet or safe
• If approached by police while carrying one, put it down and follow directions
City bylaw makes it illegal to carry a gun — replica or real — in a public place. It can result in a fine of between $500 and $10,000, a mandatory court appearance and up to six months in jail.

Criminal Code of Canada — Using a fake gun to commit a crime can result in the same penalties as using a real gun.