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Everything you need to know about Indoor Airsoft

What is it?”

Airsoft is a sport/hobby very similar to paintball. The guns are very realistic looking, and they fire small high speed 6mm plastic pellets. We use them for war gaming and target shooting in our facility. They are so realistic that they are also used for military and law enforcement training. We specialize in corporate and team building events, birthday parties, bachelor parties, and individual or group recreation

Please read this collection of frequently asked questions to learn more about the sport and our facility. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or inquiries.

Do I just run in and shoot everything I see?

We can set up games that are a straight free for all, or Team A vs Team B. However, we find it much more interesting and intense for teams to utilize and be tasked with capturing our custom electronic point counting objectives for your team, while stopping the other team from accomplishing the same. The concept is similar to certain “Battlefield” or “Call of Duty” game modes.

Does it hurt?

Sometimes! We compare getting hit to an elastic snap. Dress appropriately, as close shots on bare skin can cause minor bleeding or very small welts. Compared to paintball, it is roughly 40-50% the pain level up close. From 50 feet or further, you will certainly feel the hit, but it probably won’t hurt very much.

What should I wear?

Wear the same you would to go on a hike, or do some home renovations. Because the Airsoft BBs don’t leave a mess, you will wear your own clothing (wear something old, with full arm and leg coverage). We recommend old clothing as there is still the risk of scrapes or tears from running and playing inside the field which contains rough lumber and other potential hazards. Airsoft BBs are solid plastic, so there is no mess! We HIGHLY recommend wearing gloves.

Can I bring my own gun?

Absolutely! We will check your protective eye wear (must be z87+ rated, fully sealed, with a strap) and chronograph your gun (1.27 joules measured with house BBs for public game play). Maximum FPS limits for private bookings 450FPS.

Can I rent the whole field privately?

Absolutely! Minimum 20 players required to book the entire field and 10 to 19 players to book either half of the field. ( food, beverages, or any other extras are billed separately).

How do I book an event?

You may come in person 6 days a week, or contact us by email or phone to make a private booking (Deposits for bookings will be made in person).

What is the minimum age requirement?

Players must be age 10 years of age or older to play. Minors (under 18) MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver, NO exceptions. Family friends, other persons parents, or siblings are not legally allowed to sign the waiver, and entry will be refused.