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Game Modes

Experience Different Game Modes


Defenders guard, attackers strike. Shot defenders join attackers, turning the tables until everyone attacks, ending when all defenders switch sides.


TDM unlimited lives, designated time limit 10 - 30 minuses.


No objective, shoot enemies. Set number of lives and re-spawns.


Bomb is hidden by ref, both teams must attempt to locate bomb and plant it on spool, first team to plant the bomb wins.


Each team is given a flag. Both teams must plant their flag in the spool. Flag must be in the spool for 60 seconds to win. If the enemy team removes your teams flag the count restarts.

3 Man Switch

Players are broken into teams of 3. Each team is pitted against each other. Once shot the player must return to re-spawn and wait for 2 more players to be shot. These 3 are now a new team.


Free for all. Once shot, a player must wait in place to be tagged back in. After being tagged the players are now a team. Game ends when everyone is on one team.