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FOF Staff / Referees have the final say on all rulings on the airsoft field, their word is final.

Minimum age to play airsoft is 10 years.


FOF Staff / Referees have the final say on all rulings on the airsoft field, their word is final.

Minimum age to play airsoft is 10 years.

  • Mandatory at all times.
  • Approved gear includes paintball masks or fully sealing eye protection meeting CSA and ANSI Z87.1+ standards.
  • Full face protection is mandatory for minors.
  • Inspection of questionable eye protection by FOF staff.
  • No removal except in the READY ROOM.
  • Prohibited: Wire, mesh, shop, or ski goggles.

Players must uphold a mature and responsible demeanor on and off the field, avoiding threatening language, verbal threats, or slurs against race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender. While some banter is expected during gameplay, it should be conducted with common sense. Mutual respect towards gear, equipment, and property of others, as well as FOF staff, is imperative. Acts of vandalism will not be tolerated, and any resulting damages are the sole responsibility of the vandal.


Strictly prohibiting any physical or verbally abusive behavior, players engaging in such conduct face immediate dismissal and potential banning from the facility. Physical contact between players is restricted, allowed only to signify a melee kill. Cheating or intentional rule violations lead to disciplinary measures, including potential dismissal or a ban from future events. Reporting any infractions promptly to FOF referees is crucial, ensuring positive identification for appropriate action. Players observed cheating may be ejected on the spot, with further consequences determined by FOF management.


Airsoft rifles must employ a minimum .20 or higher weight for BBs, with the prohibition of .12 weight BBs due to their lower quality and propensity to shatter, posing potential injury risks. Prior to gameplay, players are required to load their ammo; reloading magazines during the game is strictly prohibited. This measure ensures safety and prevents potential disruptions during gameplay, maintaining a secure environment for all participants.


Players must chrono their weapons before entering the field; random checks by FOF referees occur during games. Tampering with guns to breach velocity limits results in potential bans. In safe areas, stringent rules apply: no BBs in chambers, magazines out, holstered pistols, safeties on, and muzzle covers on (if available). M203 shells are secured separately. SAWs follow specific guidelines. Firing into or out of safe zones is strictly prohibited. Adherence to these rules ensures a secure gaming environment, emphasizing safety and fair play throughout the event.


The velocity limits for OPEN GAMES (semi-auto fire only) full and semi-auto AEG’s, GBBR’s and pistols are as follows: BB Weight ?

Joule rating is 1.27+5 EVENTS OR PRIVATE GAMES (Full auto games only) (VELOCITY LIMITS TO BE DETERMINED BY THE EVENT ORGANIZER) Players are limited to SEMI AUTO ONLY on walk on days. Private games or Special Events can choose to use full auto. ZERO MINIMUM ENGAGEMENT DISTANCE. Players must keep gun in Semi then switch when permissible to use Full Auto.


Players are solely responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen personal effects; FOF staff and owners bear no liability for compensation. Any theft or vandalism will be legally prosecuted. All found items must remain on the playing area; promptly notify staff of any discoveries. It is crucial to adhere to these guidelines, ensuring a fair and secure gaming environment. Violation of these rules may result in disciplinary actions or expulsion from the event. Familiarize yourself with and respect these regulations to contribute to a positive gaming experience for everyone.


Lasers Class I, Class II , Class IIIA and 3R (under 5mW) are permitted. *Lasers Class IIIb and Class IV are prohibited on the field.* Players wishing to use laser devices on the field will have to prove the laser is of the permitted class and power. If the player cannot prove the class and/or power of the laser device, it will not be allowed on the field, operational or not. Players will not intentionally shine lasers in the face or eyes of other players.


Rubber training knives are allowed and encouraged to be used on the field. No throwing is permitted. When using a training knife for a close quarter kill a simple tap or slash with it is enough. No stabbing or hacking action should be used. Training weapon has to be under 6 inches. All training weapons need to be LARP and staff approved. (No sharp or stiff edges, minimum 2 inches of foam around all hard edges). NO METAL TRAINING KNIVES


You can engage players at close range please be courteous, no one wants to take a BB to the cheek, throat or groin from one foot away so aim for center mass, legs, feet, arms gear. Mercy kills can only occur with loaded weapons. 10′ closer players should avoid firing and go for the touch kill; this is not always possible so common sense will prevail. The “MERCY RULE” is a courtesy but not enforced.

  • “Dead” players remain silent about strategic/tactical details until respawned or revived.
  • “Dead” players cannot be used as cover by “live” players.
  • Pretending to be a dead player for tactical advantage leads to removal.
  • Weapon hits disable the gun; call “Gun hit!” and switch to secondary or knife.
  • Disabled guns hit again count as kill shots; without sidearms, it’s a kill.
  • Blind firing is strictly prohibited; violators are eliminated.
  • Shooting through small cracks/hole allowed with proper sight picture.
  • Spawn camping discouraged for a fair gaming experience.
  • Referees use discretion to enforce elimination rules effectively.

Play area surfaces inside are not all flat, smooth and or unobstructed. Building props such as breaching doors, BB’s, grenade casings and other props may be strewn on the floor so take caution at every step. Vaulting, jumping or climbing over cover is not permitted. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse. It is presumed AND the players responsibility that you have read and understood ALL the rules before playing. Ultimately the only person responsible for your safety is YOU. Violation of any of the rules contained herein will result in appropriate disciplinary action, such as dismissal from the game or building without refund, exclusion from future events, and or even banning from all FOF events.


In the event of serious emergency where the event or game must come to immediate halt, the term “No Duff” will be called out to all players 1) stop all play 2) make all weapons safe and remove mags 3) make your way to safe zone in safe and timely fashion. 4) check in with game control for role call 5) wait in safe zone for further instructions.


A. Approved grenades expelling BBs or producing audible reports (e.g., AI Tornado Grenades) are allowed with a 15ft blast radius, except behind hard cover.

B. Toss grenades underhand, unless dropping over a wall under 4ft or through a window. Avoid using discharged grenades for tactical advantage.

C. M203 grenades permitted anywhere; ricocheting BBs count as hits. Grenadiers must avoid engaging targets within 5 feet, especially headshots. No rubber slugs allowed.

D. Rocket launcher-style weapons like RPGs, LAWs, AT-4s allowed. Use only BB shower-type grenades when firing upon players.

E. Landmine usage varies by event; consult organizers. Claymore-style mines permitted; set tripwires below waist level for safety. Always check event rules for approval.

ANSI Z87.1-2003 Summary Basic and High LENSES

The new standard designates that lenses will be divided into two protection levels, Basic Impact and High Impact as dictated by test criteria. Basic Impact lenses must pass the “drop ball” test, a 1″ diameter steel ball is dropped on the lens from 50 inches. High Impact lenses must pass “high velocity” testing where 1/4″ steel balls are “shot” at different velocities. Spectacles: 150 ft./sec. Goggles: 250 ft./sec. Face shields: 300 ft./sec.